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About Us



ALM Buildmart Limited is a real estate firm, young, however very virile in the delivery of first class innovation and services to our clientele and partners. The company is managed by experienced and respected professionals that will creatively engage and proffers innovative solutions to take maximum advantage of the opportunity within the Multi-billion-dollar real estate industry.

The company is built on culture of service and technological innovation driven by the need to solve housing problems and to provide superior and qualitative housing solutions. We are founded on the goal of providing the dream house for the average person in Nigeria thus making the average Nigerian a house owner. The Company which started operations a few years ago, while still a growing company has achieved a whole lot within the short space of its existence in the sales of quality properties and provision of property development services. With ethics and integrity, ALM Buildmart Limited strives for excellence in all facets of real estate services in order to enhance our position as an industry leader. Our team transforms forward thinking ideas into cutting edge applications, to achieve maximum results for our clients, company, community and country.

From the very beginning, ALM Buildmart Limited started with experienced and qualified skill set. The team comprises of persons who have come from different disciplines and orientations but with a bounded vision on property development, management, investment and administration came together to fulfill the average Nigerian dream; owning a home. As needs however differs depending on peoples background and current economic class, Owning a house while a dream for some is an already accomplishment for some and thus their property needs differ as they now need to maintain and ensure maximum return on their property investments.



Our vision is to become a household name in real estate through delivery of world- class products and services to our esteemed clients..


To offer full professional real estate solution to our clients by helping them achieve their dream of becoming property owners and get high return on investment.


To generate profitable returns for our investors.

To render innovative and quality real estate services to a large society.

To give an average individual, the opportunity of having his own property without the hassles and uncertainties attached.